Shanghai Trio

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Shanghai trio

Un fragment de l'Histoire chinoise se trouve dans chacun de nos produits

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  • Suzhou Silk

    "With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry tree becomes silk."
    (Chinese proverb)

    Dyed Silk Jacquard Threads
    Heavy silk, soft and resistant. The threads are dyed before being woven.

    Dyed Silk Jacquard Fabric
    Light and fine silk

  • Gansu Cotton

    Tight and regular weaving of refined softness. Very luminous fabric.

    Cotton canvas
    Shanghai Trio offers two types of cotton canvas. One is fine and light, and the other is thick and very resistant. Fabric found in the China Post warehouses.

  • Heilongjiang Linen

    The oldest fabric in the world. A plant originating from cold regions. The linen used by Shanghai Trio is semi-thick, elegant and somewhat wild.



  • Bamboo from South of China

    New fabric. Very flexible, soft and sensual. Silky aspect. Fabric with a different color on each side.



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